Deep Summer, The Handsome Road, and This Side of Glory

Gwen Bristow

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An epic, multigenerational historical fiction saga that follows the intertwined fates of three Louisiana families—from a New York Times–bestselling author.
The Plantation Trilogy is an epic series of historical novels that bring to life the history of Louisiana, from its settlement in the late eighteenth century to the post–World War I era, via the intertwined lives of the members of three families: the Sheramys, the Larnes, and the Upjohns.
Deep Summer is the story of Puritan pioneer Judith Sheramy and adventurer Philip Larne, who marry and strive to build an empire in the Louisiana jungle during the time of the American Revolution.
The Handsome Road tells the story of plantation mistress Ann Sheramy Larne and poor Corrie May Upjohn, who forge an unlikely bond of friendship as they struggle to survive the cataclysms of the Civil War and Reconstruction.
This Side of Glory presents the story of Eleanor Upjohn, a modern young woman in the early twentieth century who marries charming Kester Larne and struggles to save the debt-ridden plantation that her husband's ancestors founded more than one hundred years ago.

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historical fiction, family, saga