Gourmet Detective Books 5-8

A Healthy Place to Die; Eat, Drink and Be Buried; Roux the Day; and Dine and Die on the Danube Express

Peter King

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The final four mysteries from a Cordon Bleu chef, featuring an ';appealing detective [who] serves up nuggets of culinary trivia and wry foodie humor' (People). They call him the gourmet detective. From his home in London to the culinary capitals of Europe and beyond, he is known for his sharp mind and even sharper palate. When chefs need a rare ingredient or a new idea to gain that extra Michelin-star boost, they come to him. And when cases turn deadly, he has a most exquisite way of catching killers. ';The Gourmet Detective is... a delight. [The series] provides terrific writing, characters that come to life on the page, and wonderful information on gourmet cooking and the food industry' (Stuart M. Kaminsky, Edgar Awardwinning author). A Healthy Place to Die: While relaxing at the Swiss Alpine Springs spa, the gourmet detective gets knocked out cold and loses his date. As he searches for the vanished woman, he soon discovers this is one resort that is not good for his health. Eat, Drink and Be Buried: At a medieval fair, the gourmet detective is hired to oversee a historically accurate menu for the banquets. But when a knight falls to the ground after a joust, poisoned, the famous food-finder must find a killerand prove chivalry is not dead. Roux the Day: When a Big Easy bookseller who claimed to have the priceless missing cookbook of the legendary Louisiana Belvedere family restaurant turns up dead, the gourmet detective leads the chase through New Orleans for the stolen recipes and a killer thief. Dine and Die on the Danube Express: Some of the most glamorous figures in the world have booked passage on the twenty-fifth anniversary trip of the transcontinental Danube Express, and riding among them is the gourmet detective. But when a Hungarian actress disappears, it's the beginning of a first-class mystery.

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