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Unmasking the Fairytale

Annabelle Glasse

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Belletristik / Fantasy


What would you do if you suddenly realized you had the choice to change how you lived? Would you follow the path you’re on or take a risk, knowing it could mean letting go of everything and everyone familiar? Ella Staines appears to live a happy, busy life in a leafy suburb; she has a husband in a good profession, grown-up kids who come and go, and fulfilling work. So why does she feel as if she’s suffocating? Has she really forgotten who she is? Ella sets out on a journey that questions the very concept of marriage. Her quest for deeper meaning and a different understanding of spirituality leads to unexpected results that threaten to tip her over the edge. Along the way, she encounters some of her old demons—patterns, power trips, and egoistic ways—that had seemed so comfortable and that had once defined her existence. Now she must swim away from them to build a new life for herself, no matter where that may lead. In this novel, a woman leaves her life behind—her thirty-year marriage, home, family, and friends—to search for a new meaning and purpose for herself.

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meditation, family, spirituality, Growth, journey/trust, relationship, marriage