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7 Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier You

Katie Lowndes

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Who doesn’t want to be at their happiest and healthiest? With a fast-paced world with so many choices available to us you would think this is easy but in many cases we are left with a sense of overwhelm and information overload. Even just the simplest task of choosing a meal can be become a laborious stressful operation. What kind of cuisine? What kind of diet am I on? Do I buy Organic? Shall I cook or get it delivered? This is only one part of your life. Katies Beauty Kitchen started as an online blog about Food, Beauty, Wellness and Travel. It then developed into a shop and now a book called 7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Happier you. This book is designed for the everyday person who is feeling a sense of overwhelm and needs some quick and easy guidance on how to make some improvements to their everyday life. The seven steps take us through areas in your everyday life where some simple changes can make all the difference to how you live and feel on a daily basis. These changes take you back to some basics that you can easily incorporate without spending lots of money. The steps include Clean, Monkey Mind, Food, Beauty, Wellness, Exercise and Vision. Katie provides tools and information and gently guides you through with humour so that you can achieve a more fulfilling life without going into a head spin. You can hear more from Katie @katiesbeautykitchen

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Happiness, diet, stress, wellness, health, beauty, anxiety