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Kate Elizebeth Nagel

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Whether a book promotes improvement by leading with head and strategic thinking, or by leaning on heart and personal story, every attempt to help and heal adds value. Rarely does any book along this continuum tell the whole truth of transformation. You have in your hands one that does. Lynn Schoener, Executive Coach In Kate Elizebeth Nagels debut, Untethered is a story about letting go. Kate delivers a thought provoking, emotional perspective into one womans journey to the root of her addiction. A young girl determined to protect her heart at all costs, she manifests survival mechanisms into destructive workaholic behaviors. Until one day, when she wonders if its possible to re-direct her insatiable appetite for work into a passionate, purpose-driven life based on her hearts ideals and intentions. This is the story of how Kate let go of everything she thought she needed to survive, so she could create the life she wanted to live.

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Kate Elizebeth Nagel
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