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Kathy, Wait for Me!

Morelle Forster

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Kathy, Wait For Me! is the gripping tale of a girl trapped in gangland London and her courage as she struggles to escape and forge a new life. The story traces Kathy’s psychological-spiritual development as, suddenly orphaned, she is shipped off to London from her village in the north of England, where she had begun to develop an abiding love of nature and where she had learnt something of the ancient lore of Britain from the teachings of an old gypsy woman. Disoriented in London, she is easy prey to fear and gangs. She attempts to draw strength through an identification with a well-known literary character. But it is her past connection to nature that preserves her sanity. Visits to Chalice Well Gardens and Glastonbury’s prevailing ambience of the court of King Arthur revive her interest in and love for nature and the mystical. Reunited with her grandfather, her sense of self and belonging is partially restored, and a belief in the importance of family is reinforced. Kathy finds herself involved in continual moral struggles, tests of courage and intelligence, and finally realizes the only salvation is good character and a love for nature and the Creator.

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Paganism, Celtism, Gangs, Gypsies, Nature, Spiritual, Glastonbury, Mysticism, Psychology, Countryside, Children's Homes, Prayer