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Scars to Stars

Reflections of a Dubious Daughter

Claudine K. Seibert

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A unique non-fiction collection of amusing vignettes, Scars to Stars follows the author through an often hilarious childhood up to the day her unconventional parents are buried at sea. Like The Carol Burnett Show, the narrative launches into a rapid-fire succession of farcical eventsall of which really happened. Scars to Stars sheds light on the significant milestones 76 million baby boomers can expect to face as their parents age and pass away. Greg E. Leach, president of Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation, endorses Scars to Stars take-home message about how to heal and prosper after participating in the conclusion of the lives of elderly loved ones. With loving satire and just the right dash of practical advice (think David Sedaris meets the Dalai Lama,) Scars to Stars is the first alternately poignant and humorous memoir of its kind.

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