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Warrior to Whisperer

An Odyssey into the Quantum Field with Oscar the Cat

Commander Gerald Bunch US Navy (Ret.)

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Did you ever look into the eyes of an animal and wonder if they could understand you? Have you ever fantasized about how great it would be for you to understand what they thought? In this fascinating book Gerald Bunch relates his journey from Naval Officer/engineer/left-brained empiricist to intuitive animal communicator. He explains that intuitive communication is a capability we are all born with and we can each re-learn. In sharing many of the conversations he has had with various species, he takes us into the world as experienced by animals. He describes how we can deepen the bond we have with our animal companions and how their love and devotion to us can change our lives. His study of quantum physics helped him bridge the gap between hard science and telepathy, but he stresses it is not necessary to know how animal communication works, only that it does work. All the time. Gerald and his buddy Oscar the Cat are on an odyssey. Their passion is to make the world a better place for all of its inhabitants.

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oneness of all life, spirituality, animal communication, telepathy, cat whisperer, quantum physics