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Life’S a Classroom

Ten Powerful Lessons for Living Your Best Life

Nani Solares MS

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Life is a gift from God and a beautiful journey that each individual gets to experience in a unique way. Within the beauty, however, there are also difficult and painful moments. Too often, people get stuck in their pain, failing to miss the lessons that each experience is bringing. In this compact yet profound book, Nani Solares shares ten powerful lessons she gained under the tutelage of life. The principles within these lessons, though quite simple, will inspire readers to live their best lives and create the destiny they desire. As readers learn to adopt new attitudes and mind-sets necessary for learning and change, own their power of choice, and grow in the confidence to pursue their dreams and goals, they will find that life is teaching them exactly what they need to learn. Most importantly, they will learn to see God in every aspect of their journey, calling them forward into his absolute best for their lives.