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Been There, Done That, Wrote This!

A Personal Journey Through Chronic Illness, Bullies, and Spirituality


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We all have had our struggles in life. The difference between being a success and feeling like a failure is in how you choose to perceive your challenges. It is my belief that our life is a process of learning, instead of what happened to you. It is my desire to show you that you can choose freedom over victimhood. I was initially inspired to write this book in order to help people who have been newly diagnosed with an illness. My goal was to show people how to be prepared to deal with life after diagnosis and, consequently, the many new challenges that will arise in life. Looking back, I realize that this book has been inside me for years. I see so many people on a regular basis who are hurting for so many different reasons. Chronic pain and illness cause suffering, and so do many others of lifes experiences in general. Having overcome many difficulties of my ownchronic illness, bullies, feeling judged, and religious condemnationI feel compelled to share some of my experiences. I sincerely hope that you gain some insight on how to overcome your own difficulties and live your best life with grace.