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Dan Harkins

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Freeburg details how a sick and tired city in Florida became the first in America to institute the universal mandate to vote. A young history teacher named Saul McGinty is prematurely disillusioned by the darkest moments in his own nation’s history – and his own. As he finds himself speechless before his young charges, his life grinding to a lonely halt in Ohio, he’s called back to Freeburg to clean up his childhood home after the apparent suicide of his estranged father, a wounded and whacked-out veteran of the first Gulf War, who’s left behind clues for his son to find that point instead to a nation-changing idea that he’s purportedly been killed to squash. Though sobering, Freeburg is also a silly, studied, heartfelt, and honest depiction of some of our most embarrassing modern mistakes. It offers a seemingly simple solution to many of America’s modern woes and a path of redemption to restore its esteem in the eyes of the world.

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12-step program, universal vote, military industrial complex, PTSD, dan harkins, literary fiction, baha'i, psychics