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Live Alive

The Truth About Your Life and How to Be Your Own Master

Alina Haiduc Sukumaran

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


We live in a brave new age where people are less and less willing to settle for darkness and suffering as normality. You are obviously no longer willing to settle either. Youve come too far and you have just had enough. You intuitively feel that this reality cannot be the whole story and that the degree of suffering and injustice you perceive in your life and the world is not made for humans to endure. This is how I felt for so longtrapped in an existence with rules, premises, and expectations impossible to tolerate for long. More often than not, life felt hard, it felt cruel, and very rarely made any sense. You want to break through this haze and stop feeling powerless. You want to be equipped with the understanding and tools that you need in order to break through personal perceived limitations that have long stood between you and your full potential. Between you and constant, predictable joy, confidence, clarity, and peace of mind. Because this is ultimately what we all want: to live alive and full of passion, every single day, in control of our experience, growing into the beautiful, colorful, vibrant, powerful giant butterflies we are meant to be.