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Poetically Speaking

Marvin Wells

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


While sitting around one day, author Marvin Wells began to wonder what his purpose was and whether he was doing what God created him to do. What would his contribution be when it was time to leave this world? Wells prayed over these questions and then turned to the writing he had been doing since he was a teen. Keeping his work to himself at first, he wrote poems exploring a wide range of subjects and building from numerous inspirations, writing wherever he went. Some verses came to him in dreams, as if God was giving him the words to put down on paper. Soon Wells started sharing his poetry with others and saw the words reaching peoples hearts and minds. God had brought him to his purposethe gift of writing. In this collection of inspirational poetry, Wells seeks to touch the lives of others through words that tear down barriers and break through walls.

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