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Secrets of the Irs

-Unbridled Bullies

Ann Hewitt

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Twenty-seven years ago, I endured a terrible audit that Gestapo-type agents of the IRS put me through. During that audit, I wrote down everything I was aware that they were doing, knowing it was terribly wrong. When the audit was over and I let the IRS know I intended to publish what happened, they threatened me, letting me know I was still under their regulations as a retired IRS employee. When I recently decided to publish my book, I discovered all copies had mysteriously disappeared. My sister, who had the only remaining copy, found it on a shelf in her home and that is why I am going ahead with this publication. Year after year the IRS keeps advertising to the gullible public how fair and honest they are. Well, the public is not that gullible! Over the last twenty-seven years, not much has changed. The supervisors still believe their underlings, and for good reason. The supervisors are trained to be supervisors, not to know the law. Therefore, if you piss off the agent who is performing your audit, beware of the big hand. This book contains some things that will help an unfortunate taxpayer through a nasty audit.

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