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A Voice from the Restroom

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Calvin is having a rough week. His plane is late, a billboard nearly slices him in two, a train almost runs him over, and he completely destroys the property of a technology giant. All of this is happening because Calvin swears he heard God tell him to save my people while visiting the airport restroom. As Calvins embarks on a heroic journey to follow Gods plan, Detective Tommy Ray begins an investigation into the strange happenings around his town. Not only does his path cross with Calvin, but also with two pranksters and a high school student who is also hearing voices. As their stories begin to overlap, Tommy must determine whether the events are just coincidental, a hoax, or if all of this is happening for a reason. When everything culminates in a standoff with a man holding a gun, Tommy must decide whether to surrender to Gods will and leave his destiny in the hands of a man he barely knows. As the situation escalates, Tommy is about to discover that Calvin is willing to risk everything just to fulfill his mission. A Voice from the Restroom shares the engaging tale of one mans unusual quest as he attempts to satisfy Gods will and save His people.