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Whoop’S Apostrophe . . . ! #6

The Difference Between Knowing Your Shit and Knowing You’Re Shit!

Murray L. Peters

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I said Id stopped, but here it is#6! Such a horrible life, isnt it? Walking by these word errors everywhere! Well, trying to walk/drive past them for me! I cant stop spotting them, though, and still I get off the bus / walk back / or drive to photograph them, record them for posterity. No one cares anymore, do they?! Bar me! Surely some governmental edict has to be passed to make sure that such horrors are against the law. Common law should deal with these oh-so-common mistakes! Give me the job (Whoops Apostrophe Terminator?) of going into these shops and reading the riot act? Every time that I have mentioned an error, I talk to people who just dont care and also look at me as if I were crazy! Maybe I am. Mistakes that I have been able to fix on my own are far too few. I have done it the odd time, on the sly, via chalk or by me rubbing out the mistaken parts of Ap. / Sp. errors (Buy WA #1#6). Sometimes they get it right even on their ownthere is one example inside! This is the last one. Enjoy!

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