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Divine Justice


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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Faced with the question that many ask themselves, does Divine Justice exist in a world where there are so many differences? Some are happy, while others are unhappy, some life smiles on them, while others are not, some are successful, rich and intelligent, while others suffer limitations, miseries and problems of all kinds. So the question arises, as a believer in a supreme being, isn't he fair and treats all of his children equally? The Answer could be found in Reincarnation, which would justify the evils of the present existence, the fruits of undue causes and great injustices sown by all in their previous lives and that now in the present come to produce their due effect, since it is harvested only if it was sown . It would be the reason why some die young or are born with physical defects and limitations, while others enjoy full health, abundance and happiness, only Reincarnation would explain a visible injustice of an invisible Justice.



Reincarnation in science and religion