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Everything You Came to See

A Novel

Elizabeth Schulte Martin

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


People say it like a joke, but Henry Bell really did run away from home to join the circus. A talented new performer with a struggling circus, he's found a place for himself among the fire-eaters, tightrope walkers, and contortionists. But no matter how far the show travels, Henry's past is never far behindthe mother he lost, the violent father he fled, the brother he abandoned. As Henry pushes himself to create bigger, better performances, his actions become a wrecking ball to the relationships around him. From his costar, to the former headlining giant of the circus, to the circus manager himself, no one is untouched. Left unchecked, Henry's blind ambition becomes the very thing that could saveor destroythe circus itself. Unless Henry can reckon with the family and past he's left behind, the spark which drives him to perform may burn out or igniteengulfing everyone and everything he loves. A story of the passion that drives creativity, Everything You Came to See is an unforgettable debut, challenging our ideas of family—and what it takes to rebuild them.

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