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Fingerprints of a Loving God

Suzanne M Phipps

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Fingerprints of a Loving God is an autobiographical work that follows the life of Suzanne. Her story follows the threads of her life as she grows into a young woman. It shows a young girl who comes to a personal relationship with God only to later be abused cruelly at the hand of a school teacher. Suzannes story takes us from a place of secrecy, pain, mistrust, and the darkest of days to healing and wholeness. Suzanne shares openly the challenges and milestones that come along the way. We celebrate the progress that comes with therapy and the support of others. Suzannes story shows readers that hope can come even when things are so very dark and that nothing separates us from the amazing and powerful love of God. Throughout all of her story, we see the fingerprints of God working in and around her life.

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