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Never Lose Your Testimony

Revelations from a Believer

Tieca Harris

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This book was conceived out of a passion for mentorship and volunteerism and is a by-product of my desire to recommit my life to the Lord. I have come to appreciate the value of receiving guidance (spiritual, personal, professional and financial) from those who have the requisite knowledge, insight and experience to help me at lifes critical junctures. Encapsulated in its contents is a two-fold theme. On one hand it is meant to add insight to the process of identifying with the image and attributes of a godly life, while on the other hand, it is meant to inspire by sharing the testimony of others and myself as we dare to dream and live out our unique purpose. The book encourages the reader to look at life through Gods eyes (His words). The subliminal theme evoked is one that mirrors that of Psalms 25, where the Psalmist, David, identifies with God and calls upon Him - Let me not be ashamed.



Testimony, Grace, Faith, Vision, Knowledge, Believe, Dream, Pursuit