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The Long Journey Home

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The novel is an epic tale of mankind during his long journey from birth, to his sojourn on earth until his final homecoming. Though it has biblical allusions, it is not intended to be a direct interpretation of the Scriptures or any other Holy Book. It is not also intended to challenge any traditional or contemporary teachings and dogmas. The book opens with the author’s self introduction narrating an episode in his childhood, until he reached maturity. He stated the basis of his beliefs, and narrated his own version of Creation and man’s unexpected evacuation from his compassionate Father’s home. The long saga of man on earth began and continued for many generation. One time, the Creator was compelled to clean the filthy earth with a devastating flood. In the new life, the Abrahamic journey was launched, leading to the birth of the promised Healer, God’s son Jesus. Jesus Christ introduced upgrades to the old traditions and practices. He offered His own flesh and blood to invigorate man’s being. He gave up his life in crucifixion doing the Saving errand. After three days, Jesus came back to life and gave His relieved followers the mission to spread around the world and gather the people around Him so they can go home to Paradise.

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