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The Role of the Pastoral Leader in the Church Today

Dr. William Burnham

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The Role of the Pastoral Leader in the Church Today is a book every pastor should want the church he leads to read. In this book, the people of the church come to understand the call of the pastor and what his true biblical qualifications should be. This book examines the character of the pastor as well as outlines and describes his main responsibilities in caring for the church body. The apostle Paul wrote, And He [God] Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers (Eph. 4:11, NKJV). This and other passages like it reveal it is God who gives the church the pastor. In Acts 6, the pastors of the early church laid out what their priorities were to be, but this is not where many churches are today, and this is not what many who are called to lead the church today are doing. This book confronts where we have gotten away from Gods plan for Gods man and may even be the revealing factor behind why so many pastors are leaving the church today. When we have the wrong man in the wrong place, being asked to do the wrong thing, we are destined for hardship, at least, and failure, more than likely. The Role of the Pastoral Leader in the Church Today is the book every pastor-search or nominating committee should read before taking on the task. More times than not, we are asking people to step into a role on these committees that that they are ill-equipped for. This is not to say these are not spiritual people or even the most spiritually deep people of the church they are in. However, they may not be familiar with what to look for and the questions to qualify whether a man is truly called by God to be a pastor or not. They may have some exposure to, but not a thorough understanding of, the biblical qualifications of a pastor. While character is an issue, what do you need to look for? And how do you best discover the type of character and track record of caring for the church your candidate has? And beyond his testimony, call to ministry, and track record, is there any other (and if there are, what are they?) pertinent things the church committee should consider to determine whether their candidates are fit for the role of pastoral leader in their church? Things besides what school he attended and whom he knows. The Role of the Pastoral Leader in the Church Today is challenging to the way many churches are getting Gods man into Gods place to do Gods thing and how they let him do it once he is there. This is an eye-opening book to give pastors and churches a look at how to work together for the glory of God. My prayer is that all who read it will be enlightened, encouraged, and empowered by the role of the pastoral leader in the church today.

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