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New Age New Awakening

Leaving the Darkness Behind


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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


In New Age New Awakening, the book is written in the genre that no human will be left out when one is reading it. This book is written on personal experiences that the author has gone through, on imagination, on struggles that others go in through in life, and most of all, on inspirations. It catches anyones attention and seduces anyone while reading due to his phenomenal style of choosing words carefully. It is a catchy, metaphorical, tragic, straight-to-the-point type and is most importantly inspirational, which will leave one out of breath. This is the book that has been written in different dimensions. When one thinks of love, its right there where one wants it to be. When one thinks of tragedy, the page is not too far off to turn to see what one is searching for. When one think of inspirations, metaphors, etc., one can find them in this one and only book.