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Only Two Cats

J. Frank James

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Everything was going along as planned for Lou Malloy. He had figured out a way to get the money he had hidden in a casino that he and Hilary had robbed, a year ago with Crushers help. However, like a house of cards, one thing and then another started to happen along the way. First there was the attempt on his life by a sergeant in the Timucua Tribal Police Department and then Malloys old nemesis, Detective Sal Ramiro, trying to arrest him for crimes that there was no evidence that Malloy did them in the first place. In the meantime, Hilary has decided she wants a pet she could call her own and told Malloy that she wanted a cat. Malloy hated cats, but agrees to her request because he thinks the cat would not last a week living on Turtle Point property. But Hilarys cat is no ordinary house cat. When Malloy learns that it is a black three hundred pound wild Panther from a neighboring wildlife sanctuary, he tells Hilary that she had better learn to take care of it. Naming the big cat, MOJO, Hilary is thrilled, but there is a problem. MOJO has a female friend show up, a snow leopard that she names, Pumpkin. Now Malloy has two cats. But nothing is as easy as it seems. Having gotten the money out of its hiding place and in his gator hole, Malloy now had to gamble on how he could keep what he had regardless of the cats. As if dealing with the extra money he had to hide was not enough, his significant other, Hilary Kelly has been kidnapped by a vicious killer from Cuba and now Malloy has to gamble with not only Hilarys life, but Bunnys as well since she was taken at the same time as Hilary. Lou Malloy did not like to gamble at anything and yet, here he was putting everything on the line to ransom Hilary Kelly from the grasp of this vicious killer who has threatened to kill both Hilary and Bunny unless Malloy delivers the computer disks and hard drives used in the manufacturing of counterfeit futures contracts for counterfeit currency of various countries in the world. To make matters dicey, a secret black opts group within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has made it clear that they want the disks to prevent financial terrorists from getting their hands on the technology. With all this happening, Malloy has to travel to Cuba, with the help of a special team of operatives, including Crusher and the mysterious Blue, to rescue Hilary and Crushers wife, Bunny. In the process, Malloy has to outwit a Greek criminal and two dishonest multi-millionaires who are after to technology as well and will do anything necessary to get what they want. The problem for Malloy is that he never knew he had possession of the technology until after the second robbery of the same casino that he had robbed fifteen years ago. Now, even if he wanted to give the Cubans the technology, he couldnt until Hilary and Bunny were returned to safety. Up until that point, he didnt know what he had until he had a computer expert by the name of John Goodman, access the technology from the disks to learn just what was there. Having learned that he had something that could cost him his life, as well as the lives of Hilary, Crusher and Bunny, Malloy knew he had to take the necessary precautions to safe guard the information. Things start to pick up at Turtle Point when a team of Miami Gangbangers try to raid Malloys property and find the computer technology. Malloy and his friend, Crusher, fight them off, but that just starts the ball rolling. Before long, Hilary and Bunny are kidnapped and the kidnappers are heading to Cuba with Malloy, Crusher and the mysterious Blue in hot pursuit. Along the way, Malloy and his team, traveling in a special configured yacht, fight off a hurricane and battle the kidnappers off the coast of Key West only to watch the kidnappers escape resulting in Malloy fighting for Hilarys life and the security of the technology he is sworn to protect. Traveling to Cuba, Malloy must get Hilary back at all costs. All in ONLY TWO CATS.

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