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Breathe God In, Breathe God Out

A Journey in Poetry

Cedric Christian

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Take a journey, if you will, a look into the life of a young man who woke up one morning with a state of discontent he could not avoid. Once upon a time, he felt secure in a world of career longevity, abundant income, being loved by family and friends surrounding him; then unexpectedly, something invaded his territory. He realized that he was not happy and truly did not know himself. Behind the faade that all was well, there existed only a shell of a man. On the surface, he appeared at peace and to have everything he wanted; however, inside he reached an absence of fulfillment. That particular morning, he awakened to the self-examining question: How did I get here? Others have become familiar with the same question, especially after accelerating before the traffic light turns green. Is this a point at which youve arrived in your life? Take a journey then, if you will, into this life of a man who would not settle for emptiness. He did not like where he was, and in that moment of being still, he finally sensed an incomparable tap on his shoulder. He discovered that the source of life was trying to get his attention. As you open and accept this invitation into an account of ones life transformation, it is my hope that you too will discover something positively life changing. Let what has been written and left for you serve as a road mapfrom first page to last pageof finding answers to this lifes big questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What now? I offer you these poetic entries of one mans journey in hope that they encourage many to stand up and live. Breathe God in, breathe God out.

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