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Dupingy Memories of Haiti

Gerard Pierre-Jean

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


The books major themes are on Haitian educational and cultural issues. The main focus of the first part of this book is on the Haitian educational system, which failed to educate all citizens of the country since the independence from France in 1804. All Haitian governments since the dawn of the republic were unable to provide free, democratic, and equal access to education to all school-age children. The few schools that were built by state officials mostly located in the urban areas or cities cannot satisfy the demand of the population for schooling. There was a systematic and blatant neglect to build schools in the rural areas or (countryside), where the majority of the population live. As a result of that unequal policy, there is a growing illiteracy rate in the general population that led to poverty, inequality, and social injustice. The second part of this book is an analysis of the cultural and legal issues facing all Haitian immigrants living in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, from (1970 to 1991) in the process of adaptation and assimilation to the mainstream of American society.

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