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A Mother Dies at the Mishandling of Family Love

A Story of Family

Angeli Joy Lowery

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God provides the power. We need to persevere. Sometimes the best witness is kindness. Lord. Grant literature how sweet are your words sweeter than honey to tour mouth psalms 119:97-107 lord thank you for your word and its powerful influence in my life help me to continue to put its truth into practice the spirit of god uses the word of GOD to change the people of GOD. The lord is good to all he has compassion on all he has made. The lord know who we are, where we are and what we need we are always in his, oh lord we praise for your never ending care. Lord our circumstances can often threaten to overwhelm us. Today, help us to see you in all of life; we are learning to trust you. As you do your work. Instead of being agents of condemnation, we are to be ambassadors of God's. Love and mercy. Father god, help me not to judge others today and everyday, let me learn this until it changes me into more like you.. If Jesus didnt come to condemn the world that isnt our mission either.

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