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The Supermarket, the Businessman and Only the Best

D.W.G. Pope

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In this novel, there are three stories, none of which are related. The characters are completely fictitious and bear no resemblance to anyone in this life or in the past. Although this novel is lighthearted and written with tongue in cheek, it does have adult content and is therefore unsuitable for children. The first story, The Supermarket, is about a young lad who is employed by a supermarket and works his way up to become the manager of the supermarket and the situations and affairs that occur during his working and social life. The Businessman is a story about a ruthless businessman in the middle of nineteenth-century England and the ways that he successfully obtains what he wants in his business dealings and his social affairs too not only through his intelligence but by blackmail too. The final story, Only the Best, is about a young man who, after leaving the army, finds his social life slow to begin with but escalates into an interesting, exciting, and exhausting life, with many affairs and which he could not have possibly imagined. All three stories were written by David W. G. Pope.

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