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Forbidden Realm

Diana Cosby

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“Diana Cosby is superbly talented.”
—Cathy Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author
For the price of honor, he must walk away from the woman he loves…

Orphaned young, a childhood of loneliness and brutality led Sir Ronan O’Connor to join the Knights Templar and vow never to return to Ireland. But now a mission to transport a cache of Templar armaments for King Robert the Bruce forces the knight back to his homeland. Under his protection on the journey is an Irish nobleman and his daughter, Lathir McConaghy. Trained in combat, Lathir will bend to no man . . .
After the death of her betrothed in battle, Lathir guards her heart fiercely. Until an attack at sea forces her and Ronan to rely on each other for their survival. In the storm-filled days adrift at sea, a passionate bond forms between Lathir and the fierce warrior. In a realm torn by treachery and turmoil, they fight for their future even as secrets threaten to destroy their mission, and any chance
at love.

Praise for the novels of Diana Cosby
“Cosby gives you it all—passion, danger, lush history and a touch of magic. Excellent reading.”
—Hannah Howell, New York Times bestselling author
“A sexy new voice in historical romance. Scottish historicals have a bright new star.”
—Sandra Hill, USA Today bestselling author
 “Diana Cosby writes wonderful historical romance!”
Susan King

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