The Dojo Coach's Pocket Guide

Maximizing Immersive Learning for Agile Teams

Jess Brock

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This go-to guidebook helps agile practitioners overcome upskilling challenges in their organizations through effective Dojo coaching.

Agile has changed the way we work in our organizations. But by demanding constant innovation and product delivery, individuals and teams struggle to find time to improve their skills. That's where the Dojo comes in. Dojo-style coaching encourages this kind of learn-by-doing form of skill development, one where guided breakthroughs and upskilling happen while delivering on current work.

In this useful pocket guide, experienced Dojo coach Jess Brock delivers practical advice based on her extensive experience in real-world Dojos. Combining proven tactics and a comprehensive tool kit, along with actionable tips needed to drive engagement in both physical and virtual Dojo spaces, this pocket guide will equip you to maximize the impact of your Dojo.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or you are just starting to develop your Dojo coaching skills, this no-nonsense book will help Dojo coaches at any stage of their journey.