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The Number

A.G. Elwin

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


‘The Number’ It is about a love triangle with two men and one woman. They are disciples of the devil. Once a year, they ring this special number, and if anyone answers, they stalk and in the fall they sacrifice them to their god. It goes back in time to how the devil finds them in every life. An angel changes their destiny, but just when she thinks they are safe, he finds them again. Not all is what it seems in the book. It is not until you get close to the end that the true evil is revealed. There are two other main characters who think that are safe and have no idea of how dangerous the people close to them really are and how much danger they are really in. The book is set in New York. The three main charters belong to high society. They are much respected, they are the last people anyone would look at for the serial killings. The book also has two other smaller books inside, one is written by Martin who is one of the disciples, and close to the end from the angel saves them. The two other books are called ‘Dahlia’s Secret’, and later on in the book, it is revealed who Dahlia is.

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number, suspense, blackmail, relationship, thriller, serial killing, phone number