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Gg Talks - Horse Riding Lessons for Beginners

Confidence - Care - Communication

Debbie Burgermeister

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


A learning book written to be read by children to guide kids in the very basics of horse safety, horse handling and care, developing horse sense, and starting out with your horse-riding journey. This book is designed to be used in partnership with your horse and your coach as an interactive workbook and reference guide for everything you are learning. Practical and hands-on is the emphasis that theory alone cannot prepare you for to become a skilled horse person. This book is for children, especially between the grassroots age of six to thirteen, to be able to work through their learning experience with their instructor. It is written to help support the exciting pathway of a horse life in a simple and easy-to-understand format and language. The author, Debbie, has a lifetime of horsemanship experience, in-depth knowledge to share, and a passion for people of all ages learning safely; helping people starting out with the core fundamentals to support the future of sensible, confident, and capable horse handlers and riders. This book is every childs equine essentials kit to commence on a wonderful journey with horses and learn valuable life skills. Development of confidence, care, and communication is the blessing we wish you for a happy and healthy life.

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