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Treasures of the Heart

Maryanne Colter

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


When I got back home, I dug out my old Bible and dusted it off. I remember tossing it down on our little kitchen table and saying out loud to myself, Now I will find out just exactly what God has to say . . . about everything. I devoured that Bible. I couldnt stop reading. And when I was done the first time, I started again a second time. God was telling me exactly what he had to say about everything. And everything my sister had said was true! And so, so, so much more. Ive long since asked my sister to forgive me for my ignorance that day. Poems and psalms began to fill my heart and mind, and as they did, I wrote them down. Its been almost six years since that day, and God has had me write many poems and psalms in those years. Each one is from my heart and portrays a moment of time in my life. Its only a book of poetry but how it bares the soul of the poet! For out of the mouth flow the treasures of the heart.

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