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A Lifetime of Public Service

Paul Winters

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


First and foremost, let me say this: its a work of fiction. If you think you recognize something, it probably did not happen. The stories are based on stories I have heard with a very liberal dose of my imagination. With that being said, lets explore what Winters Passion Inc. is. I started the company in 2012 after retiring to give me something to work on as you can only play so much golf and fish only so often. The premise was to put my collection of recipes into a book and do wine and food pairing while donating the proceeds to charityprimarily, the Police Unity Tour, Concerns of Police Survivors, and Wounded Warrior Project. This has worked out very well. Winters Passion has donated thousands of dollars to charity. I do not take any compensation and only on the rarest occasions have I needed paid staff. The challenge came from within to write a book of fiction. Stories that have been passed down through the family, stories I heard during work, augmented by an active if only slightly demented mind, the stage was set for the book. It was substantially more difficult than I had expected. After a career in law enforcement, I write like a copshort and to the point. I enlisted the aid of Joseph Bonvillian to help with the color and texture of the stories, the smartest thing I could have done for the book. Joe readily agreed that all proceeds from sale will continue to go to charity. He is a good and kind man, a father of three adult children, and originally from Maryland. His skills have been invaluable in making this book happen. Enjoy the read, and remember, its fiction.

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