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Refugees Crossing the Gulf of Aden, a Perilous Journey

Nagran Mahtama Sidrak

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The Book explains briefley the way the writer took to get to the Arabiyan Gulf waters of Yemen, starting from long distance heart of Ethiopia. .After that He talks of his childhood villages on the way to Madot and then to the port city of Bosaso . It is difficult to track how many days the writer spent 71 hours with wolk on the Sehara Desert without food and water before crossing the Gulf of Aden. In those circumstances days and nights lack meanings. One hardly tells what day of the week is any given day. All that matters is getting there at all cost. However, the most dangerous trip was the 41 hours perilous journey on the water of Arebiyan Gulf. people are crammed into a rickety boat made for a dozen people. Some of the stories told in this fateful journey are too gruesome to mention. Suffice to say it is a life and death situation. The harsh circumstances, however, hardly deter refugees from getting to they destination.