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The Son of Xavier

Eugene H. Nelson

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The Son of Xavier is a story of a young, married woman Juanita Wade, who discovers that she is carrying a child of a local, younger man that she was having an affair with. Juanitas husband, Monty, is currently serving active duty in the marine corps while these events were taking place. A very petrified Juanita seeks help from her best friend, Carmen, who is engaged to marry Jackson, Montys best friend. Jackson opposes of Carmen helping Juanita, because he feels like that Juanita is pulling his future wife into a storm that she created. Tension flares even more when Juanita learns that Monty is dishonorably discharged from the marine corps. Montys sudden arrival prompts Juanita to create a scandal into making Monty believe that the unborn child is his. These events are generated by an attractive young man named Xavier Lathem who causes hidden secrets to be revealed, as well as a tragedy. People are involuntarily connected to him in this crafted tale.

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