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Nude Nemesis

Thinker Enokela

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Everyone has the tendency to be corrupt when temptation presents the opportunity. But only few have the charisma, the tenacity, the discipline, the integrity, the transparency, the advocacy to remain incorruptible. This book is a dramatised work meant to portray the lack of character to remain incorruptible as this is the order of the day! This book tends to examine the corrupt mans way of thinking, lay bare the ills of the corrupt mind, and prescribe the right medication and cure for the corrupt mind. In our retrogressive country today, evil is heralded, and all noble things are derided at. A perfect depiction is when insurgents and/or militants, in the course of their struggle, prey on peaceful and innocent citizenry and, at the end of their struggle, are offered fat contracts and amnesty to lay down their arms, whereas graduates languish on our streets with no jobs. Such decision can only be reached by a corrupt system, one that has failed its people and agreed and sometimes even abated ignorant youths to carry arms against the state. There is no little or big corruption! Corruption is corruption in all ways and manners. It is in our blood. It is in our system as a country, our thinking as individualsthe leaders or the led, politicians, or the military. It is an evil ill in us as a people. We are all guilty of its crimes directly or indirectly, by omission or subjection. And therefore, we must pay for its confrontations on our society, our own decadent creation as a free, independent nationhence this play Nude Nemesis.

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