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My Street, My Friends

E. Davis-Banks

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Four children Dee, Robert, Helen, and Lance all grew up together on the same street. They have known each other since age five. They are now age ten to eleven years old. Their street is a rarity in these times. It is a stable urban neighborhood. Most of the residents in this block have been there for years. Everyone watches out for one another. This is a story about how neighbors support the children while they are preparing for a scooter competition that is being held at the neighborhood community center. This is a story of resilience. It shows how a neighborhood is important to the youth and their families. This is a positive book that can be read by all ages. It is the authors hope that those who read this book will see just how important their neighborhood can be in enhancing their childrens lives.

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