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Ariana Swan and the Sakarii Stone

Shilpa Makwana

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


There are two unknown planets. One is called Red Earth but is commonly known as Syrs, and it is a similar planet as Earth expect the sky will always remain red and the weather there is always rainy with a full moon in the sky. The other planet is called Blue Earth but is commonly known as Eyrs, our home planet, including Zatrickstar Island, where the fairies live. This story tells us about a young lady named Ariana Swan. She lived in a village in Cravendellri Bagshotvillias with her mother, Kate Swan, and her father, John Swan. She used to have a sister, but she died a long time ago. Ariana Swan never knew why her sister, Princess Adriana, left the house. She did not know that her sister was married at that time to a royal family; she knows nothing of her, even though she has strange dreams about her. Other dreams about the prophecy confuse her, and she wonders why she dreams of this. Do you think she will ever know the truth about herthe strange dreams of her prophecy, the Sakarii stone, and everything? Will she ever have a happy ending, and will she discover her hidden secrets? You will just have to find out. And so begins the tale.

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