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Cracking the Obesity Crisis

Veronica M. McNally

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Dieting can be therapeutic for those wishing and hoping to achieve a weight within the ideal range. Its not only good for health, but also self-esteem, how we look at ourselves, and how others look at us. Achieving our ideal weight can actually make us look younger, fitter, and more confident within ourselves. In Cracking the Obesity Crisis, author and nutritional consultant Veronica M. McNally presents insight into orthodox medicine to help you reach your maximum potential for health and achieve your ideal weight. Sharing her research and findings, McNally offers a thorough look at health and gives advice and recommendation on how to allow your body to become as slim as possible with diet and supplements. She advocates taking responsibility for your health by choosing foods low in calories, but high in vitamin and mineral content. A recipe portfolio includes a variety of meal options which can be prepared at home, ranging from a simple, family lunch to a three-course la carte menu. Cracking the Obesity Crisis recommends throwing the deep-fat fryer in the recycling bin, buying a blender or food processor and a good quality steamer, getting fit, getting slim, enjoying life again, and cracking the obesity crisis.

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