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Without Goodbye

A Spiritual Journey Transcending Grief

Fleur Hols

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


After the sudden death of her husband, the author discovered the understanding that widows tend to receive; The Western world is not at all prepared to deal with something as certain as death. Our culture only prepares for life. Death and grief, on the other hand are completely ignored. No one has taught us how to treat a person who has suffered an important loss. Many well-intentioned but hurtful things are said this way, this is not because people dont care about your pain, but because most of them do not know how to behave around grief. When you first lose your spouse, you have no idea of what to expect either. Your whole life has turned around, sometimes without warning. Most likely, no one explained what you were about to encounter. This book tries to show you what to expect after the death of a spouse. It also pretends to be a reminder that grief doesnt need to involve negativity. But most of all, the author hopes her book will help you transform the thoughts that are keeping you anchored in the past. Why re-inventing yourself is so important. She hopes this book will give some much needed understanding to the widowed as well as to their family and friends.