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Nothing but the Truth

Precious Memories

Pastor Deborah C. Dallas

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


People write poetry every day. They speak it; they sing it; they hear it; and they dance to it. I asked God to give me more than just a book of poems; but to give me words of healing; words that reach the darkest and deepest parts of my readers; especially those who are in emotional, mental and spiritual pain. We went to church; we listened to many sermons; we cried, we shouted; we hollered out Praise the Lord! Yet, we were all bound up; having secret sins; suffering from childhood pains; trying to survive sexual abuse while being taught by our parents to suppress our guilt and shame and to just cover it with JESUS Name! So here we sit in Gods House, listening to many sermons, doing the churchy thang we learned to play the part with silent tears and a shattered heart. For much of our lives, preachers taught us that we should feel spiritually fulfilled; yet we leave Gods House Empty!