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The Stargazer’S Journey

Mark Reed

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Wayne is an avid stargazer, and nothing makes him happier than being with his boyfriend, Adam, beneath a night sky that is blanketed with stars. They live near a park and lake along a dead-end street, and late-one evening, while gazing through Waynes telescope, they see a flash of light in the distance with a boom of thunder. Theyre both concerned and curious about what it was. Perhaps a small plane had crashed, or something else could have exploded. They werent sure. So they both decide to go for a hike over the trails behind their house. Their journey begins after they meet two strangers beside the lake. One is human, and the other is much different. Both have come here on a mission of great importance. There are vile and hateful individuals from another dimension who have come here to conquer anyone they can get their hands on, and they must be stopped before Earth becomes their next target.

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