Modern Rainbow Patchwork Quilts

14 Vibrant Rainbow Patchwork Quilt Projects, Plus Handy Techniques, Tips and Tricks

Paula Steel

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Ratgeber / Heimwerken, Do it yourself


"e;This cleverly constructed and beautifully illustrated book contains 14 contemporary patchwork projects, all pieced in a plethora of technicolor shades."e; -Love Patchwork & QuiltingBuilding on the popularity of modern quilting, the book features 14 patchwork projects with a modern look which use rainbows as the overall color theme. The book enables readers to create their own rainbow look, from selecting which colors to use and choosing the appropriate fabrics for a project. Starting from the basics of patchwork the book includes tutorials on creating simple blocks, finishing a quilt and making an envelope cushion, alongside the basic tools and techniques used.Each of the 14 projects is broken down into easy to follow steps with detailed illustrations, making the book accessible for confident beginners as well as more seasoned quilters. The projects range in difficulty and time requirements, meaning that there is something for everyone depending in their time available and skill level.The five cushions and three mini projects are great for beginners, offering a smaller scale project that can be completed within a day and help to develop some of the skills required for making larger quilts.The six quilt projects include two large bed sized quilts, two lap quilts, a single bed quilt and a picnic blanket. All of the skills required to complete the quilts are included within the book, along with details on the authors inspiration, fabric choice and a coloring page."e;Distinct shapes, clean lines and clear colors reflect the modern quilt esthetic in Paula Steel's designs."e; -Create Whimsey"e;Quilting has a fresh new look."e; -Handmade by Deb