Authentic Spanish Cooking

Julie Neville

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Recipes with the genuine taste of Spainfrom restaurants all over the country including out-of-the-way local favorites. After many vacations in Spainand Spanish restaurants back home in LondonJulie Neville was confident that she'd experienced true Spanish cooking. Then, in 2015, she moved to Spainand quickly realized she hadn't even scratched the surface. The types of foods the Spanish eat, when they eat, their cooking methods and their use of herbs, spices, oils, and locally produced foods was incredibly different from anything she'd tasted or experienced before. In her quest to learn as much as she could during her time in Spain about their food and culture, she worked in a wide range of restaurantssome Michelin Star with award-winning chefs and others only the locals would know, where the grandmother was still cooking her famous recipes in what was her original house sixty years earlier, some in the city, some by the beach, and others hidden in the mountains. Collaborating with many of these restaurants, she now brings you Authentic Spanish Cookingwhich shares the recipes of restaurant quality food that you can easily recreate in your own home using traditional ingredients and methods. Along with gorgeous photos, each restaurant's most popular dishes, including a starter, main course, and dessert, are provided.

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