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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - AlS Luise Die Briefe - K.520 - A Score for Voice and Piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791) was an extraordinarily prolific and seminal composer during the Classical era. He displayed astonishing musical ability from a very early age, composing and playing competently when just five years old. During his lifetime, Mozart composed over 600 original works, many of which are considered to be the apex of symphonic, concertante, chamber, operatic, and choral music. Featuring large, clear note heads and wide margins, this edition is perfect for studying and following the music, and is not to be missed by collectors. Classic Music Collection constitutes an extensive library of the most well-known and universally-enjoyed works of classical music ever composed, reproduced from authoritative editions for the enjoyment of musicians and music students the world over.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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