Perspectives on Whistleblowing

Cases and Theories

Iain Munro (Hrsg.), Kate Kenny (Hrsg.), Marianna Fotaki (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Wirtschaft


Society acknowledges whistleblowers as truth-tellers who bring urgent concerns to the public’s attention, but at the same time they are subjected to a host of retaliations including smear campaigns, unemployment, prison and exile. Investigating high profile case studies including Kiriakou, Snowden, Foxley and Assange, this book discusses recent transformations in whistleblowing practice. With first-person accounts by prominent whistleblowers, it explores the ethical and political dynamics of whistleblowing, use of new technologies in the practice and formal channels for whistleblower protections and legal reforms. Written by professionals and activists who support whistleblowers, this will be an invaluable resource for researchers working in the field as well as journalists, practitioners and legal professionals.



National security, Human rights, Media journalism, Ethics, Activism