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Recipe for Organizational Success

A Ten-Step Methodology to Build a World-Class Performing Organization

Bharat Desai

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


Creating a world-class-performing organization is an enormous challenge, but doing so will give your organization the competitive advantage that it needs for success. World-class-performing organizations are incredibly effective and as a result, consistently outperform most of their competition for an extended period of time. This guide offers a ten-step methodology to lay the foundation needed to join the ranks of these organizations. To continuously improve your organizations performance, you need to develop a systematic corporate approach to problem-solving, build capability for sustainable long-term growth, and master three major business functions: leadership, execution, and cost structure. The ten-step methodology in this book focuses on accomplishing these objectives by walking you through how to: - Create a culture of accountability, discipline, and systems - Improve profitability and execution capacity - Focus your organizations efforts on increasing productivity Build a world-class performing business with a Recipe for Organizational Success.

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