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Blue Haven

A Novel

M. E. Barbezat

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Forty-five-year-old Maggie Ashland is shocked when she learns she has inherited not only her great-aunt Lillians estate but vast wealth to go along with it. A divorced mother of three adult children and a music teacher at a local college, she has no reservations about changing her life completely and moving to the estate known as Blue Haven. After a few strange experiences, Maggie finally begins to settle into her new life. But matters are complicated not only by a group of money-grubbing relatives after Great-Aunt Lillians entire fortune but also by mysterious forces that seem to reside in the area. Maggie soon finds herself in the midst of a supernatural turf war, with the Blue Haven house right in the middle. Relying on wit, wisdom, friendship, and sheer persistence, she must rise to the challenge of defending the estate and all its secrets from the factions who seek to tear it apart. As Maggie deals with both worldly and otherworldly enemies, she seeks strength and courage in a situation she could never have imagined.

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