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Blood of Amber

A Novel

W. Bennett

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Eighteen-year-old Tim Currie was less than half Amber Underhills age. While discovering ecstasy in the arms of a much-older woman, the young man unwittingly ran headlong into her dark and troubled past. Diagnosed as bipolar, Amber experienced severe mood swings and bouts of deep depression, both turning deadly whenever her own blood was added to the mix. Amber had two obsessions in life: to become a prima ballerina and to find true love. Failed attempts at both carried dire consequences for young Tim. Using seduction and dance to first trap her young admirer, she then resolved to do whatever was necessary to hold on to him, even if it meant claiming him in death. Tim Currie would bear lifelong scaring because of Ambers warped perception of love and because of the grotesque method she used in trying to keep him.

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